This company is a complete ripoff, they advertise .99 cents for initial information, then before you know it they are making unauthorized charges of $68.53 on your credit card.There's no way to get in touch with anyone at the company except for some foreigners who they have answering phones who can't or won't address any complain you have.

You can threaten them with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commision and they couldn't care less about the number of complaints or the nature of the complaint.These people are blood sucking leaches.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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They are still up to the same tricks..

Use names like makeonline,and other names.

A common charge is 68.53.I talked to our credit card company fraud dept and they said they deal with this a lot.

Funny thing is we didn't sign up for anything so don't know how they got the info. I did get in touch with someone by calling the number listed on the credit cards ref. They "cancelled" our membership and said they are refunding 3 months worth of charges...but they have been doing this for 6 and changed the name.

We have cancelled the card and it is under investigation.BEWARE

Horse Cave, Kentucky, United States #136441

Well, I never even loaded the CD not knowing that if I didn't cancel after 7 days, they would keep billing.Fortunately, my bank had changed my account number and so they were forced to send a letter asking for payment or send to collections agency.

Interestingly, they won't cancel over the phone.I'm a little wary of that, but don't want to keep getting charged.


I saw add on local news channel website the lady place add there and it was legit, Like she work for Google and getting checks from Google, but on IPH site it don't say much about Google, so not sure how it works. Anyways I signup and paid $1.97 but didn't have much time to explore it and today I received that because my account was active over 14 days they will charge me $135.97 but because my cc is inactive I have to make payment in 10 days or they will send it to collection agency, I can't find it anywhere where it says Trial 14 days they are liars reap off innocent people who try to make some kind of income to cover the bills.

Bank send me new CC recently that is why they can't charge it, screw them I care less about collection. :p


You should be able to check to find out more information without worring about how someone is going to scam you.I see the point about receiving informaton for $1.97, however a lot of companies send leaders so you will explore their company.

When a company says that they will send you more information CD whatever and you never receive anything and I can not find an email confirming and find they have set a password I know nothing about no follow up at all and if there was something about 7 days it was hidden very well.If I ever set up something with a time limit I set a date on my calendar to either move forward or cancel and there was nothing indicating this was the case. With this economy there is no excuse for people like this taking avantage of those trying to find a way to earn extra income. They use Googles name which people trust but not any more. This bad Karma for all those involved.

I am not stopping with the Credit card company I am going to any and all that will listen TV RADIO Newspaper about this company.

When I called to cancel after finding the $68 on my credit card I received harrassing calls from them every day.They should not be in business at all they are only ripping people off.


I agree with Milton.I to signed up thinking I was getting a CD for $1.97.

I also knew that there was a monthly charge unless I canceled the service. But what I did not receive the CD or any information what so ever. I tried to call the company number listed on my credit statement. It was disconnected.

Since I had not received the CD, no e-mail, or any other information from them, I had no way to contact them to cancel this. I had to turn it over to my credit card company and even they had a problem contacting this company.

By the way they have charged my card $77.95 five times since Dec.2009.




I would have to say.I too did not know that I was going to be charged $68 + a month for the information.

I thought I was getting a CD for $1.97 and if I wanted more information I could sign up. I cancelled my request and still was charged the amount. I will have to say it was very misleading to the consumers on what and how much you were getting.

If this was clear then they would not be having so many complaints.BBB rates them as a 'F', so what do you expect.


alittle e-bonics for you idiots read the terms and conditions and stop blaming other people for you f ups the company can help it if you cant read oh yeah i am a man with to kids and a wife and i make money with the internet profit house weekly if your smart enough to follow direction and read you can to i often wonder how people in the

USA graduate from any level of school and then act so ignorant


any body who doesn't first read what they put a credit card number on on the internet is freaking *** wake up its not a scam you illiterate


:? , be responsible enough!! sometimes, our attitude of being careless brought us to this kind of situation..

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